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BackFire Hose, Single Jacket, PVC Lining
1) Material: single outer jacket made of polyester canvas, PVC inner lining
2) Rated Working Pressure: 6bar/8bar/10bar/13bar/16bar
3) Testing Pressure: 1.5 times of Rated Working Pressure
4) Bursting Pressure: 3 times of Rated Working Pressure
5) Nominal Diameter: 1.5"/2"/2.5"/3"/4"
6) Length of Per Roll: can be customized
7) With coupling and nozzle
Fire hose is traditional lined with EPDM or PU or PVC layer and wrapped by Polyester and filler jacket, and used to carry water, foam or other fire retardant.
There are copper joints at both ends of fire hose for connecting water supply or equipped with the spray nozzle.