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5 kinds of fire can not be used to save water
Category:Industry news   Publish:2017-05-22 03:42:33   View:3092 [Back]
Spring dry days dry, is a high incidence of fire accidents season, a little careless, it is easy to cause a fire, threatening the lives and property of the masses. In this Xiaobian to remind the masses, keep in mind five kinds of fire can not be used to save water, and effectively strengthen the fire prevention and control. First, electrical appliances; electrical fire, the first to cut off the power. In the case of no power can not use water and foam to save, because the water and foam can be conductive. Should use carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder fire extinguisher or dry sand for fighting, but also with electrical equipment and wires to maintain the distance of more than 2 meters.

Second, the oil pan; oil pan when the fire, do not use water. Because the water encountered hot oil will form a "frying pan", so that oil fire everywhere splashing. The method of fighting is to quickly cut the cold dishes along the side into the pot, the fire automatically extinguished. Another way is to use the lid or cover the pan with a large piece of wet cloth covered with fire on the pan, so that the burning of oil fire can not touch the air hypoxia suffocation.

Third, fuel oil, paint; home storage of fuel oil or paint fire can not use water, the application of foam, dry powder or 1211 fire extinguisher or sand for fighting.

Fourth, the computer; computer fire should immediately unplug the power, the use of dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. If found in time, you can also unplug the power quickly after the wet carpet or quilts, etc. cover the computer, do not splash water to the fire computer.

Five, chemical dangerous goods; in the school laboratory often have a certain amount of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkali metal potassium, sodium, lithium, flammable metal aluminum powder, magnesium powder. These items are vulnerable to water after the reaction or burning, is not water can not be saved.

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