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Three whales fire training teacher training project officially started
Category:Company news   Publish:2017-02-07 10:07:33   View:3305 [Back]

  November 3, 2016

  In order to create a learning organization, improve enterprise management level, the implementation of talent strategy, three whale fire officially launched the training of internal training program.

  Training is an effective means to improve the knowledge, skills and working attitude of the team members. It is an effective lever to build a good corporate culture. Through training, a team with common values and strong combat effectiveness is ensured to ensure the realization of the company's strategic goals.

  In-house Instructor Training Program The first lesson, "In-house Instructor Skills Training," this week, the official opening, theory and practice, a variety of teaching methods and learning, practice and practice simultaneously, so that the company's internal training division internal training The full knowledge, while learning to master the process of curriculum design and tools; learned the lectures and training lectures related skills and precautions and other professional knowledge.

  During the two-day training course, participants in the course of middle school, middle school, simulation operation, on-site training, group PK, students have said "benefit."

  Three internal whale fire instructor group will gradually become the company's culture, knowledge and skills of the communicator, boost staff personal career development and corporate strategic objectives.