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Three whales fire won nanan 2015 annual second venture policy incentives
Category:Company news   Publish:2017-02-07 10:06:01   View:3072 [Back]

  Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of the letter, Nanan City, actively embraced the 2015 "second pioneering" related preferential policies, the city's total of 232 enterprises tasted the policy from the "sweetness", the cumulative award of 9.46 million yuan.
  The "second pioneering" subsidy related to preferential policies, including major technological transformation of leading enterprises, enterprises to purchase equipment subsidies, advertising and promotion, business management diagnosis and management training subsidies, subsidies within the show, the new store subsidies 6, Covering machinery and equipment, stone ceramics, plumbing kitchen and toilet, Xiefu textile, photoelectric information, and other five industries.
  Innovation leads the upgrade, three whales fire from 2014 began the "second pioneering" exploration, practice. According to the three whales responsible for the introduction of fire production, in 2014 the company invested heavily to expand the plant, the purchase of CNC machine tools, cold chamber die casting machine nearly 20 kinds of high precision equipment, additional production lines; production line has been put into production, production efficiency To enhance the about 40%, such as the production of indoor bolt, before a person needs to see a machine, the introduction of CNC machine tools, transformation upgrade, a person can see three loom, the efficiency of a substantial increase.
  Automatic spraying workshop in the company's production line, the reporter saw the workers just hang up the workpiece, the workpiece in the production line to operate, into a special paint booth and then drying. The automated spraying production line, invested millions of dollars, all of the realization of automation. According to Tsai introduction: With the further improvement of product quality, the company's products export countries will increase, the products are exported to the Middle East, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places.
  Cai said that the economic downturn a few years ago, the market increasingly competitive, inefficient production capacity of enterprises facing development bottlenecks, enterprises need transformation. At present, the company's fire products are mainly related to real estate, the next step to develop new products into the home, municipal and other markets.
   "Second pioneering" policy of private enterprises played a guiding and supporting role, so that the "three whales" on the development of innovative ideas more clearly defined in the "second pioneering" on the road constantly changing, and strengthen research and development capabilities.