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Federation of trade unions, nanan quanzhou city federation of trade unions led condolences to the first three whales fire line
Category:Company news   Publish:2017-02-07 10:02:12   View:3323 [Back]

  July 20, Quanzhou City Federation of Trade Unions Vice President Jiang Yongqing, Nanan City Federation of Trade Unions party secretary, executive vice president of Huang Weide and his party came to Fujian Province, three whales Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., for the company frontline workers sent heatstroke drugs, chrysanthemum tea, Honey, towels, kettles, etc., general manager of the fire whale fire Lu Wen for the whole process, and details of the company to take a variety of measures to prevent heatstroke.
  Jiang Yongqing detailed understanding of the production and living conditions of fire wholesalers, urging them to pay attention to food hygiene and safety, requiring all levels of management to care for employees, concerned about the staff of ideological trends, a variety of summer cooling measures must be implemented to ensure the safety and workers health.