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Three whales quanzhou city 2016 annual research and development of science and technology award the first prize
Category:Company news   Publish:2017-02-07 10:00:02   View:3305 [Back]

  Recently, the Quanzhou Municipal People's Government informed the 2016 annual Quanzhou Science and Technology Award winners list (Stephen Spring [2016] 157). Fujian three whales Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian three whales Fire Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. independently completed the scientific and technological achievements "pilot differential pressure automatic sprinkler fire system manufacturing key technology and industrialization" project won the scientific and technological progress Award first prize.

  The award-winning project "The key technology and industrialization of pilot differential pressure automatic sprinkler fire-fighting system manufacturing" belongs to the field of fire engineering and equipment engineering in safety science and technology. The project achievement was presided over by Lu Wen. The members include Cai Jincheng, Huang Lingfeng, Following the fruit, Huang Mingmin, Lin Jiquan, Lu Huihuang, Luo Union cloth.
  The result is the result of independent innovation of production and research, a total of invention patents, utility model patents 3, published 1 papers. The overall technology since 2012 in Fujian Province, three whales Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. application, has access to the annual Nanan City Science and Technology Venture Award in 2014, 2016 Nanan City Science and Technology Progress Award. Products are mainly used in Beijing Benz, Quanzhou Wanda, Shanghai long-distance bus terminal and other important places, creating a significant economic and social benefits.