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Treasure to strategic cooperation
Category:Company news   Publish:2017-02-07 09:54:04   View:3346 [Back]

  Following the 2016 first half of the company and the "Shandong Lu to buy home" strategic cooperation, the three whales and then the next city, in September 2036 and the three whales Baoneng Holdings (China) Co., Ltd. signed the "core supplier strategic cooperation agreement" agreement Annual sales of nearly 100 million yuan, the agreement agreed at the same time the future or more in-depth brand and resource cooperation. The hand holding treasure to holding is three whales accelerate channel optimization layout of another major breakthrough, will be effective and continuous accumulation of three whales products user trust advantage.
  In recent years, while deep plowing to optimize the domestic dealer channels, the three whales to seek change, the development and optimization of channel development strategy, the layout of large customer channels. 2016 three whales Houjibofa successively with the Shandong Lu to home buyers, Shenzhen Bao Real Estate signed billion yuan strategic procurement agreement, a core supplier, winning the Chongqing subway project, and so on a number of nearly 10 million large-scale municipal projects.
  Since the establishment of the company, the three whales to create "security, fire field benchmark" as the goal, continue to integrate into the globalization, to play new advantages, to seek new positioning, the face of increasingly fierce market competition in the fire industry, to achieve this strategic goal, Can not rest on its own, passive defense, only the "potential to seek change, take the initiative to fight" is "to win the initiative, win the war market." With the internal operations of the three whales to optimize the integration of external business and effective integration, and Po to holding, Lu commercial real estate signed a strategic cooperation agreement to become the core supplier and winning the Chongqing Metro and many other key municipal projects and projects will form the three whale business The development of new growth pole for the future sound development of the three whales lay a solid foundation.