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Three whales fire won the national the recognition of hi-tech enterprises
Category:Company news   Publish:2017-02-07 09:47:57   View:5349 [Back]
  High-tech enterprises: High-tech enterprises are engaged in R & D and transformation of technological achievements in the high-tech fields supported by the state, and form core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprises, and carry out production and business activities on the basis of this. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) registered more than one year of resident enterprises.
  December 1, 2016, the national high-tech enterprises identified the work of Fujian Province in 2016 published the first batch of the proposed high-tech enterprises list, as the fire industry leading enterprises, Fujian Province, three whales Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed 2016 high-tech Technology enterprise audit, won the "high-tech enterprises," the title of the three whale fire in the development of scientific and technological innovation is another important milestone.

  For a long time, the three whales have paid great attention to the transformation of enterprise intellectual property results, developed a business strategy, R & D strategy and intellectual property strategy of combining enterprise development strategy system, with independent intellectual property rights technology and products as the core Competitiveness of the organic component.
  Uphold the professional, pragmatic, innovative enterprise core philosophy, three whales continue to enhance their own R & D strength of fire. In recent years, the three whale has established a wholly owned "Fire Technology Research Institute", "sprinkler enterprise engineering technology research center" to create enterprise technology, as of 2016, the three whales have been dozens of product patents, including a number of products Access to scientific and technological patent award and the award of scientific and technological entrepreneurship awards.
  Tech enterprises, is the technical strength of the three whales and R & D strength of recognition, the company will further promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, technology research and development and innovation, enhance the brand image has a catalytic role.