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  • How to improve the consciousness of maintenance of fire protection

    (1) check and test regularly the linkage devices of fire fighting system.A. conducts fire linkage tests two times a year for smoke control equipment, fire shutter doors and other control equipment.B. conducts fire linkage tests two times a year for fi…

  • Fire prevention and escape self-help common sense

    Micro-fire, how to deal with emergency? On the sudden occurrence of a slight fire, should be easy to grasp, to cope with the emergency situation:1, water is the most commonly used fire extinguishing agent, wood, paper, cotton and other fire, you can …

  • 5 kinds of fire can not be used to save water

    Spring dry days dry, is a high incidence of fire accidents season, a little careless, it is easy to cause a fire, threatening the lives and property of the masses. In this Xiaobian to remind the masses, keep in mind five kinds of fire can not be used …